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¡Think global, act local!

One of the values that identifies 100% natural is care for the environment, which is why since our inception we have been concerned with promoting a state of awareness towards the world around us, inviting us to live in a respectful way and appreciating the gifts that Mother Nature has generously given us.
We are convinced that with small actions we can generate an important change in people and this will benefit the planet, our house, the only one we have.
Recycled paper. Printed materials such as placemats, napkin holders, napkins, among others, are made with recycled paper or that after being used can be recycled


Responsible consumption

Biodegradables straws. We replace traditional straws that are highly polluting and take 100 years to disintegrate, with biodegradable straws, which are manufactured with an organic additive that converts products made from plastic resins into biodegradable material. Its production process is endorsed by the National Polytechnic Institute, thus guaranteeing an ecological and quality product.

Biodegradables disposables. They are made with polylactic or polylactic acid (PLA), base materials that are obtained from corn or cassava starch and that are biodegradable, since they can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide.

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Join up!

We have also joined important initiatives for the environment:

  • #No Straw. Our customers have the power to decide if they want to consume their drinks with or without a straw, remember to ask for it only if you really need it.

  • #Meatless monday. One day a week does make a difference thanks to this global movement that, by abstaining from meat for one day, gives the planet and animals a break.

  • #Recycle batteries. We have special containers to dispose of batteries properly and thus prevent the chemical elements they contain from harming people's health and the environment.

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