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Fundation 100% Natural A.C.

Our Origin

It was born as an extension of the concept and philosophy of the 1OO% natural brand in the face of the imminent need to join forces to raise social awareness about caring for Nature and ourselves as part of it.


With absolute conviction, the 1OO%natural Foundation has focused its efforts on promoting the practice of Permaculture as one of the best methods to conserve and restore the earth through the use of natural resources and energy that flows naturally.

Educational Center for Sustainable Living

Located in Palenque, Chiapas, La Ventana is an educational center aimed at the development of low ecological impact practices where holistic and harmonious growth with society and nature is promoted.

It is a pilot project that is currently being worked on with a view to replicating new sustainable models. The objective is to create a private natural area that, through the application and exchange of ancestral and alternative knowledge, promotes a lifestyle that is more respectful of the environment; as well as a protected biological reserve area, harmoniously integrated, seeking comprehensive collective growth.

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