Success with 100% natural flavor

We are restaurant that promoves the consumption of food and beberages free of conservatives, flavorings, artificial colors, and to all them who search a natural and healthy style of life, reaching them trough a franchise network.
We iniciate in 1980 in the city of Acapulco us “ La Familia “ The Family “ with a restaurant specialized in elaborate sane and nutritive food.
In order to grow y strengthen our concept en 1986 we created the franchise network 100 % Natural.
Our visión is to position ourselves as the líder network of food and beberages free of conservatives, flavorinjgs, and arificial dyies,in wich the health is our fundamental value.



¡Think global, act local!

In 100 % Natural we ofert healthy dishes to nourish the body, the mind and the spirit.

Our dishes are prepared instantly with fresh products, carefully selected to conserve its quality and natural taste, so that we take care of your health , while we naturally pamper your palate, all in a comfortable environment and kind treatment for each costumer can live the exprience of been 100 % natural.



  • We are pioneers and undisputed leaders in the field of healthy food.
  • Risk and uncertainty reduction by investing in a proven business.
  • Franchises with more than 10 years of permanence in te harket.
  • Dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that maintain a balance of color and flavor with nutritional value..
  • Delicious juice therapy bar that stands out for its flavor and freshness, qualities that allowed us to enter the retail market with the original recipe of our juices in tetrapack presentation for sale in self-service stores nationwide.
  • Own bakery where daily we bake the bread that we serve to the guests.


Investor Assistance

  • Approval of the ideal place to establish the franchise and architectural design of the concept
  • Preparation of the financial structure of the investment, sales projections and return on investment.
  • Catalog of authorized suppliers that meet quality, price and supply standards.
  • Continuous training of operationa staff.
  • Periodic technical assistance visits.
  • Permanent development of new products and services to increase sales.
  • Promotional and advertising plans.
  • Loyalty program Rewards 100 and real-time survey system.
  • Operational, administrative, technical and advertising advice.
  • We share with our business partners the secret of success with 100% Natural flavor through recipe books and franchise system manuals.


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